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Welcome to the world of writer Joshua Hampton, author of the epic fantasy series Crowns of Silver & Ash.
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The San Francisco Book Review

The San Francisco Book Review

Mad Love, Murder & Mayhem: Favorite English & Scottish Ballads receives writeup in The San Francisco Book Review!

“Joshua Hampton puts together a collection of ballads by Francis James Child who was a Harvard professor in the 19th century. The style of writing is romantic and lyrical with some of the tales containing enchanting tones and having slight humorous qualities woven into the dark and murderous plots. Fairies and mermaids are often seen as beautiful and deadly omens, seen in a ballad telling of a mermaid drowning a ship and another of a Faerie Queen attempting to use a man as a tithe. Those who love ballads, rhymes, Gothic tone, and murderous tales will enjoy the works of Francis James Child.”

Read the full writeup at the San Francisco Book Review by clicking HERE.

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