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Welcome to the world of writer Joshua Hampton, author of the epic fantasy series Crowns of Silver & Ash.
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Another Review

Another Review

The fantasy fiction blog Adventures in Fiction reviewed “The Lay of Cuthred King” and had great things to say.

“Joshua Hampton’s “The Lay of Cuthred King” is an homage to Anglo-Saxon poetry. The emphasis in such poetry is not rhyme but alliteration, rhythm, imagery and, of course, story. This tale reads like legend — there was a King Cuthred who fought the Welsh in the 700s — but it also brings to mind the Biblical story of Aaron and Hur holding up the arms of Moses (as long as they did so, Joshua and the Israelites gained against the Amalakites; let his arms drop, though, and the enemy gained). “The Lay of Cuthred” is a tale of loyalty and sacrifice and mystery, and could have been told a thousand years ago. Well done.”

Read “The Lay of Cuthred King” in full at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly.

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